Friday, 13 March 2015 offers Tips Tricks to make your Home more Elegant

DeSquare Interiors:

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Here we submit tips for your interior design styles.


We need to visit the property We gonna work on in the initial stages
as We have to obtain a thought for the assets/property. Make sure how the light is at certain times of the day & we must revisit once to check out whether the fabric colour working correctly in the lighting. choosing colours plays the vital role in our home/workplace.


Bring yourselves a plenty of time for choosing fabrics, then cull the colour 
choices of your own & hold some options as many times fabric homes display stock & find out they whether they have the stock to the fabrics which the computer originally showed previously. Dont rely on single product. Beter have two or three substitute. Always obtain a batch cutting from the actual batch as colours could vary sometimes. Hence you can sometimes end up with wrong color schemes. And it wont be unique either.


If you seeking for made-to-order lamps or chandeliers , you have to bring yourself eight
weeks lead time. Many companies used to have a wide range of stocks for lighting.however if you need really unique, you need to order from overseas & will need longer lead times.


If you are in charge in designing your own furniture then please make sure the all your sizes. For Examples, some breakfast bar areas may vary slightly in height
We never liek the stools to be too low to have a seat comfortably. 
Also have a glance at our space & measure & map out our furniture in advance of ordering.


It is a main thing to have a look at access & can be overlooked but is an required part of your installation checklist. If there anything possible doubt, take measure your doorways to 
check large furniture items shall fit through, that we may have to assemble items.

     Spiral staircases leads to restriction while moving large items into their destination. 
We recently worked on a assets where they had a games room 
in the basement but there was only one access via a spiral staircase. they dont even have access from the exterior. 

I wished to leave a pool table in the room because We are an experienced designer,knew how most important  to measure the curve of the staircase, finally revert back to our install team to see how this potential problem be solved.


It plays vital role in installation. You must have at least one person that you can communicate with  regularly to make sure all the work has been done well and you can check "Are you people in same page?" you better get ideas what is happening & when. Also someone  who take deliveries for you is forever helpful when on a large project.


We have done multi Projects in Chennai like OMR, Sholinganaloor with fullfledged Turnkey services and  work will be finished on time.  We used to install the furniture & accessories in a few days. We give ourself three days to   complete the task regularly, but frankly saying down to the fact that We have spent weeks & weeks walking through each of the rooms in our last project at OMR, India.

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